Healthcare is Changing in Charlotte.

Transforming Care in a COVID-19 World.

COVID-19: For the most up-to-date information about the coronavirus please follow the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for current recommendations. For local updates and guidance, please follow Mecklenburg County.

Prepare Your Organization
for Healthcare Changes

Healthcare transformation means sweeping changes to the way we receive and provide care across the community. These changes have been impacted even more by COVID-19. Click the resources below to find out how all of the Charlotte community will be impacted. Check back regularly for the latest updates.

Medicaid Beneficiaries

More than 2 million North Carolinians are enrolled in Medicaid. The way they access healthcare is changing. Especially with the increase in telehealth due to COVID-19.

Click the links to learn about Medicaid Transformation, the impact of COVID-19 on beneficiaries,  why the state suspended the changes,  and what may happen next including the introduction of SB808 “Medicaid Transformation Necessities”.

Safety Net Organizations

The shift to a new kind of care means big changes for clients – and big changes for nonprofit organizations.

Learn how states are increasingly focused on social risk factors to improve health outcomes and how this could impact your business model.

Click here to learn how Charlotte non-profit Care Ring has helped uninsured amid COVID-19.


Providers will soon be reimbursed based on patient outcomes rather than the number of services provided.

Learn the benefits and risks of this system and why it will matter to all of us. Click these links to learn about how COVID-19 has impacted providers and managed care.


The long-term health and resilience of the Charlotte region will be impacted by this transformation as well as by COVID-19.

Find out how the switch to managed care has impacted other communities as well as how managed care has been impacted by COVID-19.

Click here for current information on COVID-19 in the community.

Learn About Healthcare


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